Monday, October 03, 2005

Re: [IP] announcing

on Sun, Oct 02, 2005 at 12:53:40PM -0700, Ed Gerck wrote:
> Steven,
> Thanks for your interesting message, to help
> stir the pot. I published it in the site's
> blog and RSS, at
> BTW, did you read the paper in the site?

Yes. Don't get me wrong - I do think encryption is important, I just think it's a lot lower priority than those others I mentioned.

About Outlook, it comes with S/MIME encryption at
> no cost.PGP is also available free and. PGP is
> also free for personal use at hushmail as a web
> service.

We have several clients who use PGP (or GPG, in some cases) to protect email from Web forms, etc. Every time we've had to go in and try to find, download, and/or purchase the official "basic" PGP plugin package from, we've been baffled by the whole product line. It used to be you could just get a plugin (for Eudora, I'm sure, and probably also for Outlook, but I don't recall) that would allow you to
sign/encrypt/decrypt/verify messages, manage keys, and that was it.

Nowadays it seems the marketing folks are running the show and have lost touch with what a basic user needs. It's a terrible state of affairs.

Steven Champeon

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