Friday, November 26, 2010

Inclusive Specialization with HIPAA for Desktop and Cloud

With or without HIPAA compliance needs, your organization is likely facing two clear choices today: Desktop or Cloud.

The Desktop choice is interesting for business users, who commonly prefer to have their data local for privacy and control. In addition, Desktop systems such as Outlook are much easier for corporate setup and dealing with moderate to high mail volume, incoming or outgoing. And you can integrate data from different applications and different sources on the Desktop in ways that you cannot do with Cloud based solutions, such as in sending secure personalized messages merging each recipient's name and records.

On the other hand, with the Cloud choice, well-known systems such as Google Apps, Gmail, and Yahoo, offer easy access from anywhere, much lower cost (even free), 24/7 maintenance, and other benefits. But Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo, and other Cloud systems are not HIPAA-compliant.

The Cloud choice privacy problem is solved by ZSentry, which enables Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo, and other Cloud systems to be HIPAA-compliant. This allows the Cloud to be a good choice for Desktop replacement also in terms of HIPAA and privacy regulation compliance.

However, because each choice has good points (otherwise, would not be a choice), choosing also means losing.

This problem is also solved by ZSentry, which offers the On-Site setup, an inclusive specialization approach that works and is HIPAA-compliant for both Desktop and Cloud systems, as well as Web and Mobile systems.

With ZSentry there is no need to choose, and lose. Based on metrics that are important to your case, each choice can be specialized to areas where it performs best, such as in terms of cost, usability, and security. The same applies to email, webmail, IM, SMS, storage and other communication choices.

Rather than exclude valuable choices, the ZSentry Setup choices allow you to use each one where each performs best according to your metrics. And use the benefits of the Cloud platform also with HIPAA-compliant messages.

HIPAA-compliant Desktop and Cloud use is further discussed in the ZSentry On-Site use option, and you can try it without cost to see how it works for you. Other use options are available, including a HIPPA-compliant Cloud setup for Google Apps, that only uses a Web Browser.

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Ed Gerck said...

(from reader KT)

About Google Apps in enterprise use, Microsoft has said that if it is indeed a complement to MSFT Office, the costs actually become greater for a company as they now have two IT systems.

So, if I am using Office already, would it not be better to continue to use it and just add ZSentry?

(suppose I don't want a Verisign PKI cert, so please just compare with ZSentry)

Ed Gerck said...

(reply to KT)

It's also possible, and more fun, not to take sides.

Because ZSentry is indeed a complement to both Microsoft and Google office platforms, customers can have less cost and higher availability, rather than having higher cost by having no other option, and putting all eggs in one basket.

So, people do not have to choose one platform over the other. They can use both, can choose and change according to the best value for each need, and can have higher availability as they now have two independent IT systems to choose from.