Thursday, December 08, 2005

X.509 / PKI, PGP, and IBE Secure Email Technologies

X.509 / PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure), PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
and IBE (Identity-Based Encryption) promise privacy and security
for email. But comparing these systems has been like comparing apples
with speedboats and wingbats. A speedboat is a bad apple, and so on.

To help develop a common yardstick, I would like feedback (also by
private email) on a list of desirable secure email features as well
as a list of attacks or problems, with a corresponding score card for
the secure email technologies X.509 / PKI, PGP and IBE. The paper
is at

The list of desirable secure email features and the list of attacks /
problems might also be useful in terms of improving secure email

Ed Gerck

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